Healthy Belly Nutrition Ottawa is located in downtown Ottawa. Healthy Belly is run by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Terry Battles who firmly believes a healthy belly leads to a happy healthy body!

Terry is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) in Ottawa where she came first in her class.

She is passionate about holistic nutrition and nourishing the body with tasty, whole foods to promote optimum health, wellness and balance in her clients' lives.

Whether you are curious about how food can best support your body or experiencing constant low energy/mood, frequent infections/colds, skin conditions,
food sensitivities or managing a chronic health condition Terry can help you find the optimum nutritional plan to support your body's unique needs. 

As a celiac, Terry has a great deal of first hand experience in supporting digestive health holistically and helping those with food intolerances and sensitivities support their digestive systems while nourishing their bodies.

Terry is based in the offices of Somerset Health and Wellness Centre in Downtown Ottawa.

To make an appointment or find out more about Terry's services please contact:

Healthy Belly Nutrition Ottawa

"Your recipes are SO delicious! I’m having a blast and it feels great to eat so well." Anne, Ottawa.

"I sought Terry's advice on three different issues. Two were skin related and the last concerned my anaemia. Terry took the whole me into consideration rather than only focusing on my individual concerns. She was extremely thorough, taking the time to get to know how my body works. I am certain that this detailed 'intake' was the reason she was able to link my health concerns to a common issue, something none of my other health providers had done before. She provided me with a detailed plan to improve my situation. The plan was easy to follow and made me feel confident that I could capably work towards a healthier me. I consistently follow up with her about my health and nutritional concerns!" Hannah, Toronto.

"I cannot explain what a transformation working with Terry had in a very short period of time. I went from being almost unable to function to recovering my energy, mood and passion for life. She worked at my pace making simple changes in stages that had a massive impact. I was never overwhelmed and each change made a big difference! I also went from a lifetime of feeling exhausted at the end of each day to having energy after work. Working with Terry literally transformed my life!!!!" 

Philip, Ottawa